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Flexible Solutions for Online Training

Zappz Online Classrooms are here to help businesses adapt and thrive in today's world where working remotely is the new normal. Zappz Online is a comprehensive platform that allows you to train anyone anywhere in the world. Our software not only facilitates but enhances the learning experience. Deliver presentations, administer tests, and include videos, documents and more in your training to maximize learning retention. With Zappz Online, running live, engaging, and interactive training sessions has never been easier.

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Our Features

Interactive Whiteboard

Draw, illustrate, share diagrams, and upload presentations without any hassle. Easily create graphs and annotate to explain, or illustrate on an existing image. 

Cloud Recording

Training sessions are recorded on cloud servers with the recording available in your Library within minutes of the end of your session.

Polls & Quizzes

Administer quizzes within the online classroom; from quick yes/no surveys to multi-question tests, it makes assessing your staff's understanding easy. 

Unlimited Time

Got a two-hour-long webinar planned or need a full training day for your staff? With Zappz Online Classroom there is no time limit on any classroom session.

Share Files

Our Classrooms support text, audio, video, PPT, and HTML files in different formats. Our cloud storage makes it easy to search for content and share it with your audience. 

Secure Streaming

End-to-end video encryption and tokenized access ensure your videos are only viewed by approved users. 

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